Who are we… WHAT and WHY?

We are all raw food lovers!

We have families and we cook up everyday for us and our children.

Variety is very important so we started to share recipes and variants among us to improve our own "cookbook".

Now we decided to share with more people all over the world to have hundreds recipes with hundreds variants and the possibility to comment each other.

In a practical way it's a raw recipe online cookbook made by you and us, made by people from all over the world.
Here you can find the recipes we all make everyday, they are simple and delicious.

You can add your recipes or post variants and comment to existing recipes and rate the ones you try.

You can also add your photograph and rate the most beautiful one uploaded by other users.

Moreover you can find fellow raw food-lovers from all over the world. 

You can also bookmark the recipes you like most from others to get note of your favourite ones.

Start now sharing yummy recipes and ENJOY!

If you want to suggest something to improve the website, please write here, and thank you for helping all of us grow.